Bank in Mae Rim closes for a week after suspicious client behaviour

 | Wed 1 Apr 2020 12:01 ICT

CityNews – 1st April 2020, last night the Facebook page Mae Rim Chiang Mai posted of an incident which had occurred at the Kasikorn Bank in Mae Rim, explaining that the branch would be temporarily closed for seven days.

The post told people not to be afraid, as there have been no evidence of coronavirus, but said that a customer had come into the bank without a mask. Staff all asked the customer to put on a mask, but they wouldn’t do so, instead beginning to cough and twirl around coughing in all directions. They also cleared their throat many times and staff at some points thought they were about to be spat upon.

When reports of the incident reached headquarters, the bank was ordered to close for a deep cleanse in order to reassure its clients that it would not potentially expose them to any virus.

The bank will be open again on the 7th April.