Another freak accident from fallen cable

 | Thu 3 Sep 2020 15:42 ICT

A man was driving his girlfriend home to Ban Thi, Lamphun on 25th July when a fallen cable caught him as he drove past, causing a serious accident.

The cable hooked itself onto the bike, causing the man to fall off his bike, knocking his head onto the road.

He was rushed to hospital where his chances of survival were 50% and was in ICU for 17 days.

He has been released from hospital and is now undergoing physical therapy, for which he has to travel to the hospital three times a week. The hospital bill so far is 40,000 baht and the man’s injuries will mean that it could take months, if not longer, before he can earn a living.

The police say that they have contacted many cable companies to find out which one was responsible for this accident, but so far none have taken responsibility.

Today the victim’s sister came out to the media urging the cable company to step up and help take responsibility. Earlier this year a woman said that she drove her motorbike into a fallen cable which caught her in the neck in Santitam.