American finds abandoned new born baby

 | Wed 13 May 2020 17:47 ICT

Mae Ping Police were alerted to the discovery of a new born baby and rushed to Soi 3 Kaew Nawarat Road, along with rescue services, to find a newly born baby girl still attached to her umbilical cord, who had been abandoned.

The girl is in good health and is believed to have been newly abandoned as she appeared in good spirits, wrapped up in a blanket and placed under a shady tree.

According to police reports, an American citizen, Eric Ransdell, discovered the baby, saying that he lived in a condo in the neighbourhood and as he was walking home he saw the arm of the infant sticking out of the blanket. He immediately checked the infant for a pulse then called his Thai friends for help.

Police will look at surrounding CCTV footage to find the infant’s mother, but for now she is under care at Nakornping Hospital.