A COVID-19 command centre has been set up

 | Fri 20 Mar 2020 15:23 ICT

CityNews – 20th March 2020, reports from the provincial hall on behalf of Chiang Mai Governor Charoenrit Sanguansat, is that there is now a command centre set up, as of yesterday, to disseminate COVID-19-specific news and information. This will be published daily.

The centre asks people to only refer to their information as it is the only one which is confirmed by the Public Health Office, and to ignore any other sources of information which could cause confusion or panic.

The centre then went on to announce that there have been three confirmed cases of COVID-19 patients in Chiang Mai, one of whom is fully recovered while the other two are in treatment. There are also six patients waiting a second confirmation as to whether they too have caught the virus, all of whom were connected to the boxing stadium incident in Bangkok’s Lumpini Stadium which infected one Chiang Mai boxing fan.

A total of 368 tests have been conducted with 24 people still under close observation. All rumours are being followed up by the Public Health Office and there is thorough tracking of all possible contact points from known-COVID-19 patients.

The centre also wishes to tell the public that the contagion doesn’t linger at any place, so if anywhere has been in the news as a possible location where a carrier has been, they are immediately sanitised and are thereafter safe to visit.

In total 367 inbound travellers have been monitored, with 185 having completed their 14 days’ quarantine and the remaining 153 being self-quarantined at home. There are a further 13 possible carriers who have been locked down at a specific safe house set by the military and 16 people authorities can not find, but who Bangkok has been tracking all the way up north.