50k Reward for a Lost Dog

 | Thu 12 Oct 2017 09:17 ICT

CityNews – A letter from Irit Drori in hope to find her dog, Willie who is believed to be in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.

Our beloved 12-year old white Pekingese dog, Willie, went missing in Koh Pha Ngan on August 7th. He was recovering from an eye injury and was probably under stress when he escaped from under our balcony’s gate. Many friends and strangers on the island were looking for Willie for 2 months with no success.

He is now believed to be in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai. “CARLOS” ANDRES KISHIMOTO CAGEJAMA and his wife, MALIWAN FUNTEY, contacted me on Monday, October 2nd, to let me know they have my dog said they found him in Ko Pha Ngan and didn’t think he had an owner. They became aware of my search. Maliwan was going to bring Willie back to Koh Phangan, but then they had a change of heart and cut communication with me. They haven’t answered their phone once since October 3rd.

Does anyone know these people? Yesterday, I verified Maliwan’s last name and the fact that she does live in Chiang Mai. Have you seen my dog? Please call Irit: 090 279 7785 or Lek: 089 772 2622 (Line ID: sumanee.i). Offering 50,000 baht reward.

If you live in Chiang Mai and know a vet – kindly share this information with your vet. Willie has been taken to a vet for a check up here! Willie has an eye condition and I have all of his meds here. Please help me bring him back home to his family.

Irit Drori