100 protesters attempt to storm prison

 | Fri 16 Oct 2020 15:24 ICT

Following yesterday’s arrest in Bangkok of activists Anon Nampha and Prasit Krutharoj, who is a student at Chiang Mai University, a group of 100 people, mainly students, went to Mae Taeng’s Central Prison this morning to ensure the two were not in danger.

Yesterday’s protests in Bangkok, covered by reporter Will Langston, saw two activists arrested and flown to Chiang Mai to be immediately remanded, without bail, which outraged thousands of people in Chiang Mai who turned up last night in front of Chiang Mai University in protest.

Two politicians from the Forward Party joined the protesters this morning, and were allowed, along with relatives of the activists, into the prison.

However, protesters demanded to see for themselves that the two were well and at one point surged up to the gate, attempting to enter the prison. Guards quickly pushed them back and calmed the situation, explaining that it was relatives-only.

Following the visit, the politicians came out and told the crowd that the activists were both well treated and safe. They then made a statement demanding to know the process of arrest, bail details, when the activists will be interrogated and whether a lawyer will be present, telling the crowd that the government’s action is beyond what society can tolerate.

Prasit’s mother, who travelled from Kampangpetch to Chiang Mai, only arriving this morning said, “My heart is broken that my son has been jailed, but my greatest worry is for his safety. I want him to receive bail as soon as possible as he was only arrested for an old infraction and not for anything serious.” She went on to ask for justice for her son and the support of the public.