Omkoi Holds Anti-Drug and Anti-Opium Event

 | Fri 29 Jun 2018 10:04 ICT

CityNews –┬áChalaisin Pothijaroen, the deputy secretary general of Office of the Narcotics Control Board attend the opening ceremony of the anti-narcotics and opium day at Omkoi, Chiang Mai. 1,500 participants attended the event.

The anti-narcotics and opium day was arranged by Omkoi ONCB, Omkoi Wittayakom School and government organisations in order to highlight concerns about the narcotic problems in Omkoi. The event coincided with International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2018.

The event began on the 28th and finished today, 29th July, 2018. Activities and exhibitions about solving the problem, along with a mini-marattho, sports competitions and an anti-drugs parade was also held. There was even a To Be Number One talent show at the event.

So far this year, the land used to illegally grow opium decreased from 908 rai to 56 rai, and over 1,444 drug users and addicts were rehabilitated.