Insects Plague Nong Jong Village

 | Wed 22 Jul 2015 04:21 ICT

CityNews – July 20th. Another village in Lamphun has reported plagues of insects disrupting their village after residents called on authorities to come and solve the serious problem as soon as possible.

insect plague

The villagers of Nong Jong in Lamphun have had to resort to eating food under mosquito nets and are plagued by thousands of flying insects every day.

The rector of Nong Jong temple, Thongchai Techatarol, claimed that the insects are coming from a private animal farm located in the village. Villagers have also expressed concern that the insects could carry viral diseases and are afraid of infections.

The chief of the district, Prateep Kamittree, refused to comment on the topic, but acknowledged that he has received complains for some time already.