Hilltribe Blood Not Incompatible Says Maharaj Hospital Director After Misunderstanding

 | Wed 28 Jun 2017 06:43 ICT

CityNews – The director of Maharaj Hospital has issued a statement denying any fact in the claims that donated blood from hill tribe people cannot be used for people in the lowlands. He confirmed that the hospital welcomes all blood donors, especially during this time as the hospital is suffering a blood shortage.

A press conference was held on June 27 following controversial claims that the hospital was not accepting blood donations from hill tribe people as it cannot be used with the main population.

Asst. Prof Dr Wichai Churnchongkolkul, the director of Maharaj Hospital explained that the accusation came from a misinterpreted statement which said that some blood from the main population is not suitable for people living in hill tribes as the the two blood types may have vastly different antibody content, however the chance of finding incompatible blood is just one in a thousand.

Dr Wichai also said the hospital accepts fault in miscommunicating the information, and insists all people may donate blood at the hospital. Currently the north of Thailand is suffering a blood shortage.