Dengue Patients on the Rise

 | Wed 30 Sep 2015 06:40 ICT

CityNews – On September 29, Suteerat Mahasing, public health technical officer (senior professional level), recorded that Thailand now has over 76,000 patients with dengue fever and over 80 have died from the disease this year so far.

dengue report

In eight provinces in the upper norther region of the country, dengue has been most prevalent in Phrae, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai respectively.

In Chiang Mai, 2,691 patients have been diagnosed with dengue fever this year. This is three times higher than last year. So far, only one person has died from the disease in Chiang Mai province.

Mae Rim, Doi Saket and Hod are the three most affected areas of Chiang Mai province.

Most people who have contracted the disease are aged between 15 to 35 years old.

Another 840 patients in Chiang Mai have been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease this year. This is half the number of patients diagnosed last year.

People have been advised to keep toys, hands and work surfaces clean, and the majority of hand, foot and mouth disease patients have been in contact with nurseries and primary schools.