Anti-Hazardous Toxic Substance Alliance Rallies to Ban Two Poisonous Chemicals from Agriculture

 | Wed 20 Sep 2017 05:51 ICT

CityNews – The Anti-Hazardous Toxic Substance Alliance filed a request to ban two hazardous chemicals used in agriculture that have a direct effect on the neuro-system and are dangerous to pregnant women.

The alliance visited the city hall on September 18th asking the governor of Chiang Mai to consider banning the two hazardous chemicals currently used in agriculture – paraquat and the chlorpyrifos. Paraquat is herbicide that can affect the neuro-system and the pesticide chlorpyrifos can damage developing foetuses in pregnant women.

This filing is in support of the appeal by the Ministry of Public Health, which aims to ban these two hazardous chemicals throughout Thailand.

The governor of Chiang Mai met with the alliance and officially accepted the filing.