51 Day Burning Ban From March 1st Announced to Combat Growing Smoke Problem

 | Wed 7 Feb 2018 08:43 ICT

CityNews – This year’s no-burning period has been set at 51 days between March 1st and April 20th this year to combat the amount of smog created by agricultural burning that occurs this time every year.

According to the government’s latest reports, the PM10 AQI in Chiang Mai measurements read between 35 and 103 micro-grams per cubic metre, below the government’s maximum safe level of 120. Many local air quality readers also measure PM2.5 levels that have produced results of up to 170 on the AQI index.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of smoke and smog pollution in Chiang Mai, the local government have announced a 51 day no-burning period where burning in an open air space will be illegal.

Last year, Chiang Mai Governor Prawin Chamniprasart led a 60-day blanket ban on all burning from February 20 to April 20. This year the ban will be dealt with independently by each district chief officer and is nine days shorter than 2017.

During the 51 days, there will be surveillance teams patrolling the province with the aim to arrest and fine those caught burning. The government will also reward 5,000 baht to any informer who’s complaints result in a successful arrest.

After the 51 days are up, anyone wanting to burn must apply for a permit from their local district office. Those without a permit will be in breech of burning laws and if found guilty will be fined and/or taken to trial.

Any illegal or inappropriate burning activity can be reported to the Chiang Mai Smog and Wildfire Problem Solving Directing Center by calling 053 112 236.