Young Boy Killed in Horrible Traffic Accident

 | Thu 26 Jan 2017 05:57 ICT

CityNews – A young boy was killed after his uncle lost control of his car while trying to stop the boy from jumping out of the window.

car crash into cliff

On January 24 in Mae Tang, Jakrawut Sornchaipanya was driving his nephew to school when the young boy tried to climb out of the car window during a tantrum about not wanting to go to school.

Jakrawut had to react quickly as the boy climbed out of the window, so he took his hands off the wheel to grab the young boy in order to keep him from jumping out of the car. However, as he was grabbing his nephew, the car lost control and crashed into a cliff on the side of the road. The car then flipped while the boy was still halfway out of the window.

Jakrawut survived the crash but the young boy died as his head was crushed as the car rolled over.

The uncle quickly phoned police and rescue services to seek help. An investigation is ongoing.