Women Claim ‘Fortune Teller’ Cheated Them

 | Thu 14 Aug 2014 18:34 ICT

CityNews – A disgruntled Chiang Mai woman has warned residents to beware of a man claiming to be a Sri Lankan fortune teller, after he allegedly deceived her and a colleague.

The alleged conman didn’t have a crystal ball but did claim to have clairvoyant powers. Photo: Wikimedia.

The fortune teller walked into a hotel where the woman works as a receptionist on Tuesday, and struck up a conversation with her.

He wrote something on a piece of paper and asked what her favourite number was. She said “nine”, then unfolded the piece of paper to see that figure written down.

Convinced he was genuine, she then paid the man 100 baht to tell her fortune. He said she would have good luck, and should buy lottery tickets.

He then grasped her hand and told her to repeat after him: “Wish me good luck. If numbers appear on my palm, I will pay 300 baht as a sacrifice.”

When she looked at her palm, three numbers had appeared. She believes he wrote the numbers on his fingers before he pushed them onto her palm.

The fortune teller told her not to tell anyone about the “lucky numbers”, and she gave him the money she had on her, around 40 baht. He pressed her for more, until she showed him her empty wallet and he left.

The receptionist later talked to a hotel maid, who said she had also been deceived by the same fortune teller. She paid him 400 baht and was given the same three numbers.

The receptionist posted a message on Facebook warning people to beware of a Sri Lankan man with a long beard and dressed in white clothes, and the story was picked up by local media.