Woman who partied on return from Korea apologises to public

 | Fri 6 Mar 2020 16:26 ICT

CityNews – 6th March 2020, the woman who returned from South Korea last week to much social media condemnation due to the fact that she didn’t self-quarantine, has come out to apologise to the public.

A young Chiang Mai woman who was working illegally in South Korea’s Inchoen District found herself a social media pariah when she posted pictures of herself landing back home from Korea and heading to the Funky Grill for some food before partying the night away the same night in town. She also posted her images with a Thai language hashtag which translates to #letskillcorona. Accused of social negligence for not self-quarantining for the required 14 days, the woman who went by the Facebook moniker, Nanny Sweetie closed down her Facebook page following intense social backlash.

The Funky Grill, where she went for her first meal back in Chiang Mai also came out to the media to complain how she had harmed their business by scaring away clients and that they had to spend all night cleaning their venue from top to bottom.

Today, Jatuchai Maneerat, a physician at the Public Health Office also came out to condemn Nanny Sweetie’s behaviour, saying that she acted inappropriately and should have done the right thing by staying home for two weeks.

After the news came out about this woman, authorities looked into the matter and discovered that on the evening of her arrival, 4th March, she had passed the screening test at CNX airport before heading out for her grill and beers. Today at midday she voluntarily went to the Public Health Office for a checkup. It was found that while she has signs of allergies, she was already registered as allergic and had no signs of the virus.

She expressed her regrets for what happened and apologised to the public, saying that she was not aware of how serious the situation was.

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