Woman Arrested for Illegal Online Sale of Birth Control

 | Thu 7 Dec 2017 10:32 ICT

CityNews – A woman was arrested for illegally selling birth control pills.

The Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office, along with the 3rd Battalion Development, arrested Tanida Puangmalai, 24, at her house in Phrao District on December 7th. Over 80,000 birth control pills were seized, with the total value of 700,000 baht. The suspect was selling the pills online, advertising false benefits including increase in breast size, acne treatments, facial blemishes remedy and help with physical firmness.

Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office revealed that this kind of birth control pill has a direct effect on hormones and must be prescribed by a pharmacist as it could have side effects which include increasing the risk of breast cancer, strokes and irregular periods.