Villagers Protest the Building of a Factory in Their Village

 | Mon 2 May 2016 05:47 ICT

CityNews – Around 100 people joined to protest against the Siamphan Enterprise Public Company in Nam Phrae on May 1, preventing the work vehicles, such as dumpsters, to enter the village.

protest against factory

The Siamphan Enterprise Public Company has recently began building an asphalt concrete factory in the local area, with many trucks moving through the village every day carrying the materials and machines used to build the factory.

Local residents began to protest after traffic problems began to build up in the village every day, and disturbed villagers with the noise of large truck engines every day.

The villagers also decided to protest as they had not been asked their opinion in regards to building the factory in their village, and that on further investigation found that the factory was yet to be licensed.

The locals were were protesting told reporters that if they do not complain now, they will have to put up with the noise pollution and traffic jams for at least three to four years.

They have also submitted their complaints to the commissioner of Military Circle 33 and the Damrontham Centre asking for the Governor of Chiang Mai to help them.