UOB Thailand supports local artists’ regional pursuits with the 14th UOB Painting of the Year Competition launch UOB’s flagship art competition expands to the fifth country, Vietnam, this year.

 | Tue 9 May 2023 21:09 ICT

UOB Thailand is calling for established and emerging Thai artists to enter Thailand’s only regional art competition – the 14th UOB Painting of the Year (POY). This year’s programme focuses on supporting the local art community and creative young minds to make their artistic mark on the regional art scene. Additionally, UOB Painting of the Year, one of Southeast Asia’s most prestigious annual art competitions, will expand to its fifth country, Vietnam, this year.

During today’s launch, UOB Thailand organised a sharing session to discuss the challenges and opportunities that Thai artists may encounter in their pursuit of international recognition. The session highlighted critical factors that could benefit artists in thriving in their career and succeeding in the global art scene, including their artistic identity, techniques, strong passion and determination. Additionally, the session reiterated how emerging artists can learn from the insights and experiences of established artists and art experts, which can guide them towards a successful path in the competitive art world. The session was led by 2022 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year winner, Mr Chomrawi Suksom, UOB POY Thailand chief judge, Mr Amrit Chusuwan, who was named Thailand National Artist of Visual Arts (Painting-Mixed Media) in 2020 and Vice President for Arts and Culture at the Silpakorn University, and Ms Narissara Pianwimungsa, a renowned artist in acrylic and fabric art who attended residency programmes in Japan and France.

Programme identity design for 14th UOB Painting of the Year competition
The programme identity design for the 2023 UOB Painting of the Year competition was inspired by the 2022 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year winning artwork, Dystopia by Thai artist Chomrawi Suksom, the evolving sphere symbolises our world in a constant state of change and renewal, represented by different cultures and identities. This is aligned with the Bank’s long-term commitment to constantly evolve and stay relevant, and to do right by the community.
Ms Dhornratana Olanhankij, Executive Director, Brand, Media and Communications, UOB Thailand, said, “Appreciating and creating art can help uplift spirits and connect communities. UOB Thailand has been successfully uncovering, nurturing and promoting local artistic talents in Thailand for more than a decade through the annual UOB POY competition and art outreach programmes. I’m heartened to see that our UOB POY artists and alumni are bringing their talents and uniqueness into the community to share and inspire their art fellows. In line with our Purpose to build the future of ASEAN, UOB is also pleased to expand our flagship art competition to Vietnam this year, for many more to uncover their passion for art.”
Call for entries and enhanced prize awards for Emerging Artist Category
As Asia’s leading patron for the arts, the UOB Painting of the Year competition has successfully uncovered established and aspiring artists across the region. The 14th UOB POY competition is open to Thai citizens and permanent residents, who can submit their entries digitally at www.uob.co.th/poy. Submissions are open from 9 May until 15 August 2023.

The winners of the 14th UOB POY will be announced at an awards ceremony on 11 October 2023. The top winner from Thailand will then compete with the top winners from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam for the coveted UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year award, with a prize award of S$13,000 on top of their country award prize. The country winners from the UOB Painting of the Year competition will also have a chance to be selected for a month-long residency programme at the renowned Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan. The UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year winner will be announced at an awards ceremony at Victoria Theatre in Singapore on 8 November 2023.
In addition, to further support the pursuit of art by aspiring artists in the region, UOB has raised the prize money for the Emerging Artist Category, with the Most Promising Artist of the Year winner receiving THB125,000, up from previous years.
UOB Thailand extends art outreach programmes to inspire young artists

To help local artists thrive in their career and succeed at the international art scene as part of its art outreach programme, UOB Thailand will be rolling out a series of online knowledge sharing sessions. UOB POY alumni including Ms Pannaphan Yodmanee, Ms Thidarat Chantachua, and Mr Chomrawi Suksom, will share their techniques, thought process in creating artworks and essential skills to boost visibility on the international art stage. These sharing sessions will be available to all from July 2023 onwards on www.facebook.com/uob.th and www.uob.co.th/uobandart.

In addition, as part of its ongoing efforts to uncover the next generation of Thai artists across the country, UOB Thailand will resume its series of “Art Roadshows” on-site at 20 art universities and colleges nationwide. These sessions provide avenues for local art communities and art students to interact with one another, and to be inspired by professional artists and past UOB POY winners who have succeeded abroad.