Two Burmese Thieves Arrested for Repeat Smash-and-Grabs

 | Thu 12 Jun 2014 18:11 ICT

CityNews –on the 8th June the police of Chiang Mai Police Station arrested two Burmese men, Janmee Toesang (30) and Mac (18) of who were accused of stealing money and mobile phones. They were stopped by the police at guesthouse on Thapae road, where the police sequestrated two mobile phones.

According to the report made on the 3rdJune, the police received a call from an electronics store in Chiang Mai, reporting their store had been robbed of 30,000 baht and five mobile phones. The police checked CCTV footage of the scene and spotted the suspects on Thapae road. When they were identified in the videos, they promptly confessed to the robbery, in which they climbed an electrical post to reach the second floor terrace of the store, before hiding in a ventilator and committing the theft. One suspect fled before the police arrived at the scene. 

The pair are suspected of similar crimes committed in the Maerim district, Waroros market, Maejo and Lamphun province in addition to this offence.

Story in Thai from jae.