Tourists flock to Chiang Mai

 | Thu 17 Nov 2022 19:24 ICT

According to authorities the majority of tourists currently plying Chiang Mai’s streets are from Europe, most travelling independently, with some tour groups arriving. 

The Chiang Mai AOT told CityNews that there are currently around 130-140 flights per day landing at Chiang Mai International Airport. Over the Yi Peng Loy Krathong period, AOT reported 20,000 arrivals per day, with one day peaking at 24,000 arrivals.

Between 80%-90% of arrivals have been domestic travellers, but it is expected that the number of international visitors will continue to rise. 

There are currently direct fights into Chiang Mai from these international destinations: Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang and Luang Prabang. Pre-pandemic there were 27 direct flights into Chiang Mai from international destination, with 11 arriving from China alone.