The Halal Science Centre Chulalongkorn University’s “Development of Smart Farm Systems by Using Modern Sustainable Technology in the Northern Region”

 | Wed 19 Jul 2023 14:19 ICT

The Halal Science Centre Chulalongkorn University Chiang Mai Office has launched a series of training courses for farmers with the aim of passing on innovative technological expertise to aid in problem-solving. This latest initiative aims to stimulate the Halal agricultural sector through the reduction of managerial risks, investment as well as labour, while increasing overall revenue.

The development of sustainable smart farm systems goes hand in hand with the implementation of innovative technologies. Using these tools and technologies can help farmers reduce risks in managing the cultivation of smart farmed herbal plants. It can also help streamline and make more efficient the entire process, becoming a prototype to add value in the future. The results could lead to farms reaching GAP standards while also learning about smart farm technology and at the same time Islam’s Halal religious prescriptions.

Through the Internet of Things (IoT), factors including control and monitoring systems of water, temperature and moisture, for instance are managed through sensors. Via software, farmers can remotely manage their farms, call up reports on line and use the system to analyse how to reduce costs, streamline growing and maximise yield. With markets ready and waiting, farmers can work more efficiently, reducing time, labour and cost.

The first set of ten training courses had over 600 farmers attend and was held between January and March 2023. Main topics covered were sustainable agriculture, sustainable branding, sustainable farming and sustainable marketing and sustainable packing. A rotating number of speakers gave talks and held workshops.

Sustainable agriculture

· A talk titled, ‘The Development of Pineapple Propagation to Leaders in Agriculture’ by Associate Professor Dr. Chitti Sritontip from the Institute of Agricultural Technology Research Institute Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Lampang.

· A talk titled, ‘Data Visualisation for Smart Farms” by Komalaporn Kummalue from Chiang Mai University.

· A talk titled, “Metaverse for Agriculture; practical innovation” by Padungphong Sitthithan, Managing Director of Sun Space Farm.

· A talk titled, “What it Takes to be Able to call yourself a Young Smart Farmer” by Nopnakhorn Ngampatirup, head of Young Smart Farmers Chiang Mai ’21.

· Workshop on, “IoT Voice Control for Smart Farming and how to Control Automated Systems through IoT Voice Commands,” by Padungphong Sitthithan, Managing Director of Sun Space Farm.

Sustainable Marketing

· A talk titled, “Creating Channels for Online Sales with Social Media,” by Tippawan Pratumta from O2O Commerce.

· A talk titled, “Utilising Short VDOs for Commerce,” by Nuttanan Inthalaeng from Blackcat Agency.

· A talk and workshop titled, “Right Content, Right Person…Building Confidence in the Right Market,”

Sustainable Packaging

A talk titled, “Add Value with Smart Packaging Design,” by Sopin Hantecha, Art Director Minterax Studio.

A talk and workshop titled, “Advanced Packaging Design and Development: Creating a Sustainable, Professional Brand with the Right Packaging,” by Sopin Hantecha, Art Director Minterax Studio.

A talk and workshop titled, “Selecting Ingredients for Products for the Mouth and the Sun,” by Thithipong Amornchotphan, Raphassorn Kongngern, Benjaporn Kumyong from Jensen & Jensen Ingredients and Warinda Sricharoen from Herbal-Studio.

Training under the topic, “Packaging Design 4.0 for Sustainable Agriculture,” by Sopin Hantecha, Art Director Minterax Studio.

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