Thai Movie Star ‘Film’ Pays Respects to Yang Na Tree

 | Thu 10 Jan 2019 12:54 ICT

CityNews – Thai Movie Star Rattapoom ‘Film’ Toekongsap paid his respects to Chiang Mai’s ancient Yang Na Tree.

On January 10th, Rattapoom ‘Film’ Toekongsap, a singer and actor, was spotted paying respects at several destinations including the city pillar shrine, Pu Kam Nga Kiaw elephant monument in Lamphun before arriving at Saraphi where he tied yellow robes to pay respect to the ancient Yang Na tree. Film is in Chiang Mai to attend a ceremony at the office of Government Officials Association in Saraphi. Local social media has been going wild following this heartthrob’s nod to local lore and culture.