Swiss Man Found Murdered

 | Thu 18 Aug 2016 04:17 ICT

CityNews – A sixty-year-old Swiss man was found murdered in his home.

On August 16th, the police were informed that a foreigner had died in a house on Suan Dok Road, Suthep District. At the scene, they found the body of Daniel Rudolf who appeared to have been stabbed and strangled. A neighbor said that Rudolf had lived in this house for around six years and that he always kept himself to himself. The neighbor said that he had seen Rudolf reading a book in front of his house on Sunday but didn’t see him on Monday.

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Concerned, he eventually called out to the man, but when there was no reply he walked inside and found his body.
His belongings and Kawasaki motorbike appear to have been stolen. Police speculate that this was a premeditated robbery, but unsure why he was murdered. The investigation continues.