Someone dropped off 429,000 garlands at Doi Kham Temple

 | Tue 29 Nov 2022 15:47 ICT

Local villagers were stunned today when truckloads of garlands began arriving at Wat Doi Kham Temple from early morning til around noon.

According to a temple representative, they were contacted four days ago by someone who had come to ask for blessings from the temple – renowned for granting blessings – and when successful, have followed through with their promise to offer 429,000 garlands as a votive offering.

A total of 429 platters, each laden with 1,000 garlands, were offered, in the largest offering the temple has seen to date. The representative told CityNews that there had previously been a case of 200,000 garlands being offered.

He went on to explain that many people who are about to broker a large business or land deal, come to beg for luck and fortune, promising offerings in return.
In this case, 40 garland makers were tasked with producing the garlands, costing the buyer a total of 3.4 million baht.

The person behind this gesture wishes not to be named.