Shan Man Wins 6 Million Baht Jackpot

 | Mon 3 Aug 2015 05:21 ICT

CityNews – A local Shan man working as a gardener at a learning centre in the Sarapee area won the 6 million baht jackpot on the August 1st lottery draw.


37-year-old Pom or “Ball” Lung-ong, won the jackpot after buying a ticket containing the lucky numbers he dreamed about the day before, which came to him after asking for a blessing at the local spirit house.

This month’s winning numbers were 518677.

Originally from Burma, Pom lives with his wife Kam, and their daughter.

He told the press that he would use some of the money to fulfil his vows to temples and to make merit. The rest he would keep and use to support his daughter’s education.