Senior Police Officer Wins Lottery With 512 Tickets Ending in Same Number

 | Wed 3 Sep 2014 17:50 ICT

CityNews – A senior police officer in Chiang Mai won more than a million baht after buying 512 winning lottery tickets with the same number, reports said today.Lottery results from Kapook website.
Police Major General Nittipat Pattanatabut bought 512 lottery tickets ending in the number 22 – the winning number in Monday’s two-digit lottery results. He won a total of 1,024,000 baht.
When reporters questioned Maj-Gen Nittipat, he claimed the tickets were bought on behalf of his 86-year-old father Prida Pattanatabut, a former government minister and member of the House of Representatives for Chiang Mai.
Mr Prida claimed that he uses life graphs and star charts to work out the winning numbers, and he then sends his family out to buy the tickets for him. He had made big winnings with the numbers 82 and 91 in the previous lottery draws.
This time, he said, his formula gave him the number 21, yet no tickets with that number were to be found. He says he then consulted with a ghost, who told him to add one to his chosen number. 
Maj-Gen Nittipat, of District 5 police, told reporters that now his father had successfully predicted the lottery numbers three times in a row he would stop for a while, as the graphs and star charts have to rest sometimes.
A Chiang Mai woman also claimed a full six-digit win on Monday. Kungaew Indramun, a staff member at amphur Doi Law police station, won more than four million baht with the winning numbers 856763.