Seasonal mushrooms going for 700 baht per kg

 | Mon 29 May 2023 17:26 ICT
Vendors at Muang Market have been selling hed tob mushrooms, which have just come into season, at very high prices, due to demand.

These mushrooms, often the cause of fires in the forests as they are hard to find to harvest, are now in season. Used to make delicious Northern soups, stir fries and curries, these mushrooms have been commanding very high prices this year at the market. 

One vendor said that they are going between 250-350 baht per liter, and around 700 baht per kg, “It is expensive as we have to trek very far into the jungle and it is very hard work to get even a few kgs. I just sold 70kgs with my last foray into the forest.”

If these prices are too steep for you, you can wait for a few months as the prices will drop to around 70 baht per liter.