Seafood Prices Inrease Again After Fishing is Limited Further by NPCO

 | Thu 3 Sep 2015 07:22 ICT

CityNews – Seafood prices will again increase after the government decided that on certain times of the month, trawl fishing in the gold of Thailand and the Andaman Sea will be banned in an attempt to further reduce illegal fishing, effective from September 1.


Seafood merchants in Muang Mai market have already noticed an increase in the price of seafood up to 10 baht per kilogram, with squid increasing up to 15 baht above the current price.

Despite the increase however, higher prices will not affect customers until the end of the month when the cheaper stock begins to run out.

37-year-old Jitrakorn Singsu, owner of a restaurant on Chang Klan road, told CityNews that if seafood prices continued to increase, he would have to find other ingredients to use instead.