Popular White Face Paste at Songkran Good for Health and Bad for Ladies, Apparently

 | Wed 8 Apr 2015 07:49 ICT

CityNews – Din sor pong is a traditional white powder derived from marly limestone, impure clayey limestone, that many Thai people use for cosmetic and health reasons as well as to celebrate Songkran. The powder is mixed with water and applied to the face and is said to reduce acne.


There is growing concern for the use of the din sor pong during the festival. The Bangkok Post reported that, “males have used the din sor pong paste to take liberties with young ladies.” We assume they mean by stopping ladies and rubbing their faces. Concerns over the use of the powder have caused the government to ban the use of the substance on certain streets in Bangkok in the past. The government has yet to announce whether it will limit din sor pong’s use this Songkran.