Popular Non-Profit Music Festival in Northern Thailand Announces Initial Music Line-Up

 | Thu 3 Jan 2019 14:10 ICT

Press Release

Jai Thep, the only 3-day music and art festival in Northern Thailand is gearing up for their 2019 event, taking place over February 1-3rd, just outside the world famous Old City.

According to event organiser Larinda Lehman, “Jai Thep always aims to showcase unique up-and-coming artists from within Thailand and also internationally, and for the 2019 festival, we’re pulling out all the stops with over 70 artists. We have international artists such as German slow-tech producers Ninze & Okaxy, Thai alt-rock band Yellow Fang and UK hip-hop duo Too Many T’s, as well as many other Thai and International acts. There really is music to suit everyone at Jai Thep. There are 3 musical stages, a spoken word and comedy stage, and a portable silent disco, where guests can dance the night away in their own private world.”

Lehman adds, “We’re also the only festival in Thailand which offers the famous 360Dome, a fully immersive cinema experience where guests have 360° view of shows by amazing visual artists like Android Jones. The 360Dome is something you’d usually see at huge festivals like Burning Man, so we’re excited to have the dome back for a second time in 2019.”

First launched in 2016, the ‘conscious’ music and arts festival attracts attendees locally and from all across the globe, who are looking for a more musically diverse and community-spirited festival experience.Jai Thep festival-goers can join in a wide variety of mindful workshops, such as Acro-Yoga, where guests can practice yoga mid-air, to cacao ceremonies where guests can sip heart-opening chocolatey cacao in a connective space. Artistic workshops include Lanna-style umbrella painting and festival-goers can also get creative with collaborative art projects. If festival-goers prefer, they can simply relax and enjoy the magical atmosphere at Lanna Rock Garden, the same location as 2018’s successful festival.

In recent years, while some popular festivals have been getting bad press for their negative environmental impact, Jai Thep is committed to being eco-friendly and sustainable. Adds Lehman, “We’ve been environmentally conscious from day one, banning single-use plastics from the festival and implementing zero-waste measures, minimizing our impact and encourage other event organizers to do the same”.

Jai Thep Festival is a non-profit organization, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Profit from festivals are distributed to reputable NGOs and service organizations whose values align with Jai Thep. To learn more or to get involved, go to www.jaithepfestival.com, or email event manager Larinda Lehman at [email protected].
Additional music act information

NINZE & OKAXY – Ninze & Okaxy are internationally celebrated German producers of slow tech, who work both together and individually around the world. Ninze has previously played live sets at Jai Thep pre-events, while Okaxy recently played world-famous American festival Burning Man.

Yellow Fang – Yellow Fang are an all-female Thai indie / alt-rock band from Bangkok. Touring throughout Asia, their album ‘The Greatest’ is out now.

Too Many T’s – Too Many T’s are a British hip-hop duo who don’t take themselves too seriously! Their energetic and entertaining live performances always contain a lot of humour.