Pickup Truck Flipped Injuring Eight Passengers

 | Thu 26 Nov 2015 09:14 ICT

CityNews – A pickup truck filled with people flipped over injuring eight passengers, five of them critically over Loy Krathong.

pickup accident

Around midday of 26th November, authorities were alerted to a large accident in Chiang Mai’s Sansai sub district. Upon arrival there were many people needing immediate medical attention and they were taken to Sansai and Nakornping Hospitals according to the severity of their injuries.

Amongst the inured were a 40 year old woman, a 44 year old man, a 34 year old woman, a 69 year old man, a 14 year old child and a 32 year old man.

Witneses said that they had seen the vehicle drive at great speed straight into a pole without any break lights coming on. The group had just finished making merit in a temple in Mae Rim and it is not believed that alcohol had anything to do with the accident.

Police believe that the driver was tired and had fallen asleep at the wheel. Five people are still in an critical condition.