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 | Fri 2 Jun 2017 10:20 ICT

Press Release

CityNews – Thailand Action Asia 50 zero edition, the very first trail running charity event, will be held on June 4, 2017 in the Doi Inthanon National Park.

Doi Inthanon is known as “The Roof of Thailand”, due to hosting the highest mountain in Thailand with an elevation of 2,565m. Action Asia Events is the first and only trail running company to be allowed to hold a charity running project in Doi Inthanon National Park and supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Hong Kong (TAT-HK), with the event’s purpose to raise funds for tree planting and the construction of water dam in local Hmong and Karen village area.

The zero-edition test run is presented for only 100 runners to raise funds and awareness to support the villagers of Doi Inthanon and the National Park. A 100% charity donation of USD $10 per person will all go towards the purchase of trees and the cost of water dam construction. The entry fee will be free of charge for the zero edition, and the 1st edition will be on December 17, 2017.

Participants will be divided in 3 categories with the 50km distance having a total elevation gain of 2200m with 2200m elevation loss, the 20km distance having 950m elevation gain with 950 elevation loss and the 10km distance having 400m elevation gain and 400m elevation loss.

“We are very honored to partner with Action Asia, a reputable and experienced trail marathon event organizer from Hong Kong. We are excited and pleased that Thailand now becomes one of the key adventure tourism destinations in Asia. I would like to special thanks the Doi Inthanon National Park team for their full support to promote sustainability and sport tourism together with TAT-HK, TAT-Chiang Mai. Doi Inthanon National Park is one iconic scenery in the North of Thailand, home to the famous twin tower, a remembrance of the late king and queen 60th birthday; also home to many local tribes and interesting local activities, including coffee plantation, camping, restaurant by the river, etc. Tourists can enjoy trail marathon while embracing the beautiful natural scenery and embracing the local Thai experiences.” said Ms Sarima Chindamat, Director of the Tourism of Authority of Thailand, Hong Kong.

“We sincerely thanks Action Asia for sharing their knowledge and experiences in sport tourism and their commitment to this project is second to none. They have inspired us to mark this Chiang Mai trail marathon an annual event. On Dec 17, 2017, TAT-HK, TAT-Chiang Mai, and Doi Inthanon National Park and Action Asia will join-hands to bring in an even more challenging yet exciting trail marathon event to all Hong Kong and international runners. Do not miss this adrenaline-pumping event of this year in Chiang Mai.” Ms Chindatmat added.

Michael Maddess, Director of Action Asia Events, commented: “Honored to be supporting Doi Inthanon villagers with focus on construction of water dams and tree planting through this MSIG Thailand Action Asia 50.”

With 5-year road run experience, Jason Tam, the only Hong Kong runner participating in the 20km category, is looking forward to his first trail running. Jason thinks the purpose of this fundraising run is very meaningful: “I really support the vision behind this race, to protect our natural environment, and to help people in need. Therefore, I am very happy to participate.” He also says that determination is one of the biggest key in his life: “I like to try my best in doing everything, I think being determined and persistent is a really useful tip for being successful in life.”

Local trail enthusiast, Ekkaphon Phonyiam, expressed he was excited to his first ultra-run for fundraising. “It is a privilege to do trail running in National Park Area. We can race on one of the richest natural atmospheres in Thailand, as well as raising funds for good purpose,” Phonyiam said: “It’s a great idea to reconstruct the forest. Nature needs time to adapt itself due to the changing climate or impact from development projects. Humans are part of nature who have the ability to study and know what to do to boost adaptation of the wood and natural resources.” Speaking of sending his words out to raise funds for charity, he said: “We come here to travel the natural path and we also grow awareness in order to preserve nature. Raising funds is a way for travelers like us to support the authorities and nearby villagers, and to launch many projects to preserve and enhance the place.”

Another Thai runner Chorthip Utoktham, who is also a big fan of trail running, felt it would be blissful to run and this will be her first charity trail run event. She made a training schedule and stuck to it which eventually became her lifestyle. “I do 3-4 run days, 1 rest day and 2 gym days. I normally do all workouts either in the early morning or at night after work. Once running is a lifestyle, you can squeeze scheduled training in,” she said.

Pichet Siri, a Thai runner who loves to challenge himself said: “I got into trail running because it gives me some challenges. It shows that we can do something beyond our limit.” Speaking of the idea of donation for tree planting and water dam construction, Siri said: “It is a very good idea and will be helpful for the environment and local people. More giving, more sustainable life.” He strongly agreed what Action Asia Events did on this meaningful project and suggested to do more to increase public awareness on environment for reforestation.

This fundraising event is possible due to the generous support of presenting sponsor MSIG Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited and supporting partners Tourism Authority of Thailand-Hong Kong, Doi Inthanon National Park, Outdoor Channel, Hoka One One, Tri Action, OtterBox, Action X Store and Action Asia Foundation.

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Event Info
MSIG Thailand Action Asia 50 (10km/20/km/50km)

Date: June 4, 2017(Sunday) ZERO edition only open to 100 runners

Start Time: 6:00 am – 50 km, 6:00 am – 20 km, 6:30 am – 10 km

Start and Finish Location: Mae Ya Waterfall parking lot (1hour 20 mins from Chiang Mai South)

Distance: 10 km – 400m elevation gain & 400m elevation loss

20 km – 950m elevation gain & 950m elevation loss

50 km – 2200m elevation gain & 2200m elevation loss

Category: Trail Running – 10km/20km – mostly off road, 50km – mixture grass track, trail & road

Purpose: Charity event for tree planting and construction of water dam

For more race details, please visit Thailand event website below:

Action Asia Events Organizer website –