Mushroom Season Proving Lucrative for Foragers

 | Thu 6 Aug 2015 09:35 ICT

CityNews — The morning of August 5th saw an opportune time for many foragers in the Mae Ram village of Mae Rim district to gather mushrooms after the rain fall.

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During the rainy season, many villagers use the forest as a means of extra income, especially by foraging for mushrooms. Many of the foragers leave as early as 1am to go and hunt for mushrooms, and then sell their goods that day along the road. Villagers average around 1,000 baht a day, and the price of the mushrooms start at around 150 baht per kilogram.

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However, there are many varieties of mushrooms and some of them are poisonous if consumed by humans. It is highly recommended that you only purchase mushrooms that you can identify, in order to avoid wild mushrooms that may be harmful.