Missing Elderly Japanese Man Still Not Found After Three Days

 | Wed 11 Apr 2018 07:49 ICT

CityNews – After a continuous three days search, authorities have yet to find a missing elderly Japanese man who went missing on Doi Inthanon.

On April 9th, an 82 Japanese man, Kinya Nakamura was reported missing in Doi Inthanon by his family. Nakamura, his son and the son’s wife told police that that they have arrived by a van at the mountain top and were visiting Pra Maha Nabhapolbhumisiri That when Kinya went missing from the group. He was last seen walking towards Pra Maha That.

A search party of a 100 officers including rangers, Chom Thong officers and a navy team started a search after receiving the report starting frpm Pra Maha That and the nearby forest and working away from where he was last seen.

On the next day April 10th, the team received a report that a elder man with similar appearance to Kinya was seen at the roadside resting spot in Mae Klang Luang in the evening of the previous day. However, after another full day of searching the forest and the roadsides, the man has yet to be found.

The search continues today. The team has searched the cliffs with officers rappelling from aircraft searching even the most dangerous of spots but still the man has not been found. The family reported that Kinya is considered healthy for his age and has experience in hiking so they believe he is still alive.

Local village leaders have started a ritual in aid of the search. The team reported that today they will continue they search in the area near water.

If anyone finds an elderly Japanese man who appears to be Kinya, call police on 191.