‘Mini Cult’ Uses Children to Shame Behaviour at Songkran

 | Wed 8 Apr 2015 07:31 ICT

CityNews -The Ministry of Culture recently released a video to dissuade inappropriate attire and actions during the soon approaching Songkran celebration.

They said nothing about topless men

In the minute long video, children are featured giving their answers to the question “What does ‘Songkran’ mean to you?”

The first child responds with “It’s water fight time!” but as the answers progress the answers include “sexy dancing with no clothes”, “touching boobies”, and “get into a brawl”.

After alternating between the innocent children’s faces and raucous black and white images of Songkran the video concludes with the statement “ Seriously, is this how you want to experience Songkran?”

While it is hard to disagree with promoting positive behaviour during Songkran, using images of children’s big eyes juxtaposed with images of Songkran may be the wrong way to go about it.

If the ministry really hopes to discourage the behaviours highlighted in the video and encourage the traditional customs maybe a video highlighting the positives would be more effective.

In the past the ministry has been known for its heavy censorship in an effort to preserve tradition and culture. The most recent example being the ban on ‘underboob selfies’ with the threat of a five year jail term.