Migrants Left Unpaid as Perfecto Company Cuts off Water and Electricity

 | Thu 28 Jan 2016 07:46 ICT

CityNews РMore than 120 migrant workers met with the Deputy Governor, Prachuap Kantiya, and a representative from the Chiang Mai Labour Protection and Welfare Office, asking to assist them in receiving payment from the Perfecto Company, who owes over 3 million baht in wages.

migrants unpaid

On January 27, more than 120 migrants met at the City Hall to ask for help in making the Perfecto Company pay the wages they owe.

The company employed the workers to build a luxury condominium housing estate in the city.

Over 200 employees of the company have not been paid since December.

They believe the Perfecto Company is struggling with finances as earlier this month they also turned off the water and electricity to the workers temporary accommodation, making living conditions unbearable.

Prachuap Kantiya said that a complaint will be filed and the company will be prosecuted at a later date.