Meth-Smoking Girls in Viral Video Arrested and Charged

 | Wed 4 Jun 2014 19:51 ICT

CityNews — On Tuesday, 3rd June, the YouTube clip “ดูดม้า โชว์สื่อ” (smoking meth for show the media) posted on Facebook by user “มึงดังแน่” (You’ll Be Famous) had already received 14,000 views and 69,000 shares. Many users condemned the girls’ behaviour and asked authorities to find them because they were breaking the law. 

The video is five minutes in length and shows two girls smoking methamphetamine in their apartment. In the clip, the girls describe in detail the drug and drug paraphernalia they use. This led many Facebook users to believe it would be a bad example for other young people and demanded that the girls be punished.

On 4th June, the DailyNews reported that the girls are known only by their nicknames, Best and Ari, and that both are from Wang Pha in Nan. They were found last December by Nan Police, and they told the officers that the clip was made last July and was posted by Best’s boyfriend.

Despite their apologies to the people of Nan and others they may have offended, Nan authorities have charged them with narcotic possession and use of an illegal substance. They were also charged with the 2007 Computer Crime Act violation.  

Watch the video below: