Massive Land Price Hike as New Airport Rumours Swirl

 | Thu 15 Mar 2018 10:34 ICT

CityNews – Sankamphaeng’s land prices hiked up by 340% after news was leaked that the new airport would be located in the district.

There has been reports that the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand are proposing Sankamphaeng, Chiang Mai or Ban Thi, Lamphun to be the location of the coming new airport. In spite of the fact that no one location has been set, a March 15th report revealed the massive price hike of the district’s land value as follows:

  • Near 1317 highway (Chiang Mai-Ban Sa Ha Khon) in T. Chae Chang increased from 2,500 baht per sq. wah to 11,000 baht per sq wah (340% mark up)
  • Near highway 121 (bypass) in T. San Klang increased from 4,500 baht per sq. wah to 15,500 per sq. wah (244% mark up)
  • Nong Ho Road Soi 15, Chom Doi Soi and Khiang Doi Soi in Muang increased from 10,000 baht per sq. wah to 20,000 baht per sq. wah (100% mark up)