Man ‘Sets Fire to House After Sniffing Glue’

 | Mon 13 Oct 2014 21:31 ICT

CityNews – A 34-year-old man is believed to have accidentally set fire to his grandmother’s house in Nong Hoi while inebriated after sniffing glue on Saturday morning.
Photo: Weerasak Panyachod.

It took firefighters about 30 minutes to put out the blaze at the single-storey wooden house owned by Thong Kawichai, 81.

Police arrested her grandson Chanes Jareonsuk, 34, who lives with her. When his mother Daeng Kawichai, assistant head of Nong Hoi sub-district, arrived at the scene she kicked and slapped her son before letting officials take him.

Police also seized 12 tins of a strong glue used for repairing tyres. They said Chanes has a history of alcohol and substance abuse, as well as theft. He has been prosecuted many times and had only recently been released from prison, officers said. They believe he started a fire in the house because he was cold.

Police say they will ask Muang Chiang Mai district office and Nong Hoi Subdistrict Municipality to help Thong.