Mae Yuak Reservoir Opened to Help Provide More Water to Chiang Mai

 | Wed 24 Feb 2016 08:59 ICT

CityNews – Mae Yuak back-up reservoir has been opened to provide water to Chiang Mai Waterworks in a bid to help cover water shortages in the North due to the severe drought this year.

yuak dam opened

On February 24, the director of Chiang Mai Irrigation Department, Jansark Limpiti, announced that the Mae Yuak reservoir, located at the back of City Hall, would provide around 43,000 cubic metres of water a day to help top-up the necessary amount of water the city needs.

The city’s main water source, syphoned from the Mae Taeng irrigation canal has been reduced to 220,000 cubic metres of water per day – most of which goes towards agriculture and those in remote areas.

The Mae Taeng reservoir is now holding 180,000 cubic metres of water a day in case of emergencies.

Some of the water from Mae Taeng is also planned to be pumped to the Mae Jok Luang reservoir, behind the 700th Anniversary Stadium, for safe keeping.

Residents of Chiang Mai, farmers and companies have been asked to cooperate in the reduced volumes of water supplied by the water authorities during the drought period.

However, as people living in the city use a relatively small proportion of the water provided each day, there should be no water shortages in the city.