Last Day to Declare Ivory

 | Wed 22 Apr 2015 09:00 ICT

CityNews – According to Kamonchai Kotcha, Director of the Chiang Mai office of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, today sees the last day people can declare possession of ivory.


The new Elephant Ivory Act comes into effect today, April 22.

People who are in possession of ivory and have not declared their belongings are now considered to possess illegal ivory.

Anyone found to be in possession of ivory for trade will be sentenced to jail for up to three years and fined 6 million baht. Personal possession will see no jail sentence but a fine of 3 million baht.

Anyone caught trying to hide their ivory from police or officials will be fined an additional 50,000 baht.

Anyone who is in possession of 0.5 kilograms of ivory or less are exempt from the rule and do not need to declare their property.