Japanese Man Arrested For Gun Possession, Yakuza Links

 | Wed 24 Feb 2016 04:24 ICT

CityNews – A Japanese national was arrested in his house in The Grand Village, Nong Hoi, for possession of a firearm and bullets without a licence.

japanese gun arrested

Police, armed with a search warrant from the Chiang Mai Provincial Court, raided the house of a 34-year-old Japanese man (name withheld) and seized three guns and bullets.

Police were brought to attention of the man after locals reported a man was often seen walking around the area with guns.

According to investigations, the man was renovating his house to become a tour office. While he was renovating, he had hired two Thai men as personal body guards. He was also found to be connected to Yakuza gangs in Japan.

He also was found to have paid a Thai woman the money to invest in a new club that is being built in Chiang Mai.

During an interview with police, he refused to speak.

The investigations are ongoing.