Ivory Store Found to be Within the Law After Inspection

 | Tue 16 Jun 2015 09:10 ICT

CityNews – Officials inspected an ivory store in Lamphun on June 13, after the owner declared over 3,000 items and amulets made from real ivory. The store was found to be selling both real and fake ivory, but was advised to identify products clearly as to not deceive customers.

ivory shop

The store owner, Panor Ekrakungruang, was visited by Kamolchai Kotcha, the director of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Chiang Mai Office, together with police and officials at his store named Ban Phupana in Tha Pla Duk sub-district of Lamphun.

According to officials, Ban Phupana is the only store that sells ivory in Lamphun.

However, after inspection, officials discovered that most of the ivory items on sale were fake.

The owner displayed his 3,000 items made of real ivory that he keeps in the back of the store, to officials.

According to Police Major General Pongsak Chueasomboon, any store selling genuine or fake ivory products must clearly display a sign declaring which products are real and which are fake.

Director Kamolchai added that if people wish to sell declared ivory, they must first register as an ivory trader with the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.

If anyone is found to be trading ivory illegally, they could face up to 3 years in jail and fined at least 6 million baht, or both.