Highway Police Prepare Three Helpful Projects for New Year

 | Wed 23 Dec 2015 06:33 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Highway Police have begun three projects to ensure safety of drivers, residents and tourists, including giving away free items to help drivers stay fresh, and encouraging cycling around the city.

highway police

The projects were implemented by Police Major General Somchai Kaosamran, commander of the Highway Police. The three projects are the “Highway Police Camping,” the “Cycle Safely with Highway Police Campaign,” and “Don’t Drive While Sleepy.”

The Don’t Drive While Sleep campaign will see free branded consumables and other refreshing items given away at motorway services in Nakhorn Ratchasima, Kamphaeng Phet and Chiang Mai.

The Highway Police Camping campaign will invite tourists who have come to Chiang Mai but failed to find accommodation, to sleep at the Highway Police Station, where they will have tents, toilets and amenities – all which can be used for free.

They Cycle Safely with Highway Police Project will involve the Highway Police lending bicycles to tourists, and for large groups, police will help them negotiate traffic while cycling around the city.

The National Highway Police have 196 service centres, providing accommodation, drinks, and public utilities across the country.