Gang of 20 Youths Attack Several Rivals in 7-11

 | Tue 15 Jul 2014 20:32 ICT

CityNews – Police were called to a 7-Eleven near Chiang Mai’s Thepanya Hospital in the early hours of this morning after a mass brawl involving two dozen youths broke out.Image from CM108.
Three were arrested, and the rest fled the scene when police arrived.
After questioning and reviewing CCTV footage, police reported that a gang of 20 teenagers – both male and female – had arrived near the store on motorbikes at around 1.15am. They encountered another group of six young men and attacked them with knives, catapults and sticks.
The smaller group fled into the 7-Eleven and attempted to hide in a stockroom and on the second floor, but were cornered by the attackers. One youth was slightly injured after jumping from a first-floor window in a bid to escape.
The gang also caused extensive damage across the store, damaging goods, shelves and part of the ceiling.
The three arrested youths claimed they were not involved in the fight, but the 7-Eleven staff refuted this. 
The youths who were attacked told the police that the gang had attacked them once before, several months ago, at the same location and that they knew the names of those involved.