Dress Inappropriately and Risk Rape this Songkran, say Moral Authorities

 | Thu 9 Apr 2015 07:53 ICT

CityNews – In a message that recalls General Prayuth Chan-o-cha remarks that tourists in bikinis could be more vulnerable to attacks, Thai officials have once again blundered into accusations of ill-advised comments and victim blaming.


Sin Suesuan, Director of the Moral Promotion Center, has said that “disputes, alcohol usage, unsafe driving, and sexual assault due to inappropriate attire” causes the notoriously high accident rate during Songkran, according to the National News Bureau of Thailand

The comments come as part of the “7 Values” released by the Moral Promotion Center with the aim of encouraging safe public behaviour during Songkran.

Despite these good intentions, Suesuan’s remarks suggest that sexual assault is caused by the victim’s choice of clothing, placing the blame on the victim rather than the perpetrator of the sexual assault.

This raises the issue of mixed messages. In a country where women are actively encouraged by the media to be attractive and beautiful, why are women so often the target of conservative government messages that seek to dictate how women dress?

For Songkran safety tips without the nanny state undertones, we’ve put together our top tips for a safe and enjoyable Songkran.


Does the same apply for traditional Thai dancers during Songkran, or on any other occasion?