Dhara Dhevi pays 16 million to 188 employees with salaries owed

 | Mon 29 Aug 2022 19:33 ICT
The former five star hotel that was the Dhara Dhevi has been battling numerous court cases brought by unpaid employees over the past few years. This week there was an announcement that 16 million baht will be paid to 188 employees who are still owed back pay.

The 123 room resort was open in 2002, under the brand Mandarin Oriental, and cost three billion baht. In November 2020 the resort officially closed its doors, citing hte pandemic. On the 18th of November of that year all employees were terminated and the resort declared bankruptcy.  Courts have confiscated the resort and will now sell it off to repay debts owed. 

On the 3rd December 2021 the resort went on sale at 2.1 billion baht but only one company bid on it and did not reach the opening price. Again on the 24th of December of that year the resort was offered up at 1.9 billion baht, with two bidders this time: High Life Assets Co. Ltd. And Inter Far East Energy Cooperation bidding, IFEC winning the bid at just over two billion baht

In January of this year IFEC asked to extend the period to pay for the purchase but was denied by the courts and had its deposit of 110 million baht confiscated.