Cost of school uniforms lead to long tailoring queues

 | Fri 12 May 2023 01:40 ICT
Two tailors talked to CityNews this week, saying that they have had long lines for weeks, mostly to fix old school uninforms, as the beginning of school term looms mid May. 

“We normally have a busy schedule at this time of the year, but nothing like this,” said Daeng Dermlaoha, a tailor in Ruam Chok Market. 

“What I’m also seeing now is that many uniforms are being returned to be fixed for the second, even third year.”

Pa Wan, another tailor in Chang Khuan told CityNews that she has been receiving uniforms from international schools for the first time. 

DAENG said that the cost of expanding a waist or lengthening a leg is only 60-100 baht, which saves parents a lot of money when compared with buying a new uniform. 

“People just don’t have money,” agreed Pa Wan.