Concerns over cracks at Suan Dok Gate

 | Thu 18 May 2023 16:44 ICT
Following the crumbling of sections of Chang Puak Gate in September of last year, there are now concerns about the structure of Suan Dok Gate, as large cracks have become visible. 

According to the Fine Arts Department, the original walls and five gates which surround the old Chiang Mai city were built during the founding of the city 727 years ago. 

Renovated during the reign of Chao Luang Tham Lanta in 1821, the gates were officially registered as national monuments in 1935 and have been important city landmarks ever since.  

The Fine Arts Department said that they have regularly inspected the walls and find that while there are cracks, it doesn’t appear to affect the foundation of the walls and that, unlike Chang Puak Gate, they will not have to fortify the wall, at least in the near future. However, they will immediately work on mending the cracks and other preventive measures.