CMU to Hold a Discussion Panel on the Controversial Drug Draft Bill

 | Wed 29 Aug 2018 10:29 ICT

CityNews – Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University will be holding a discussion concerning the proposed drug draft bill.

The pharmaceutical draft bill has been a controversial subject recently as experts point out that the bill will allow all healthcare professionals to prescribe medication. Currently, the only three professions that have the authority to dispense medication are doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians. However, there are also nurses who are assigned to this task, especially those in rural areas where hospitals have personnel shortages.

The draft bill is also coming under fire for its categorising of drugs. The 1967 Drug Act has categorised drugs into special controlled drugs, dangerous drugs and non dangerous drugs, which experts are saying is an out of date categorisation. Instead of retaining those designations, experts propose adding language to the new bill that would adopt an international standard of categorising drugs as prescription only, pharmacist only and over the counter. Experts believe this will be easier for consumers to understand.

The discussion on the matter will be held on August 31st at Sali Meeting Room,
Chalermphrakiet Building, Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University from 6pm.